AtlasBizNow Sales Letter

“Are you or someone you know

 suffering from a slow business?”

Are you and your employees spending more time looking out

the window and at the phone than you are greeting paying


I know how frustrating it can be to have supply and no demand.

How about having to stay on top of changing marketing trends in

an attempt to keep customers coming back.

Hi, I am Angel Delerme from AtlasBizNow. I know you are among the

smart, educated, savvy folks who values your investments and takes

pride in your business. How do I know this? Because in my research,

that is the criteria for people who benefit the most from not only my

services but your ongoing growth of returning loyal customers.

In this letter I will share 3 Benefits of a customized email newsletter

campaign, then I will share a valuable tip to turn your lazy website

into a diligent member of your business:

- Learn why fewer and fewer people are seeing the commercial

and newspaper ads you pay for.

Don't Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be

Starting To Collapse, Henry Blodget: Business Insider

- Did you know the website you pay for is not enough to

engage your customer for longer than a few minutes.

- I will give three reasons why you must apply an online

strategy that is customizable to your physical business now.

It’s not uncommon for consumers to check emails dozens of times

per day (I’ve checked mine twice since writing this paragraph). So,

as a business owner it’s important to be where your consumers are,

and email needs to be one of them.

Have you ever given your e-mail address to someone in order to receive

free information like an e-book, whitepaper or special report? Chances

are that you have. And once you give your address to receive the free

info, the person sending you the info has the opportunity to continue to

send you e-mails.

Benefit #1

One the biggest and best benefits of our customized email newsletter

campaign is that we will help you to build solid relationships with

your customers. Email is a remarkably effective way to help people

get to know, like and trust you. By consistently sending valuable

information, it is hard for them to not start to like and trust you.

Even if they are not in the market for your product at the time they

receive the email, your company’s brand or product is going to

stay top of mind so that when they are in the market to buy they

think of you first. You know what they say, “Out of sight, Out of


Benefit #2

Turning a first time buyer into a lifetime customer is a crucial step

all businesses must achieve. But more often than not, businesses

become too focused on acquiring new customers and forget about its

current ones. An AtlasBizNow customized email newsletter campaign

is one of the most effective ways we can help build customer loyalty.

As an example, once a customer purchases something from you, we

send them a thank you note for their purchase. Later, we can send a

newsletter to your customer with information on how they can get

the most out of the product they just purchased. Or we can send

them a coupon on their birthday or anniversary. And lastly, we can

remind your now loyal customer to purchase from you again.

Building loyalty doesn’t happen overnight but by using AtlasBizNow

to manage your customized email newsletter campaign, business

owners can feel confident in reaching their goals.

Benefit #3

Many business owners worry about overwhelming their email

subscribers. The reality is, consumers will have opted-in for your

email. They will have given us permission to market to them.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to follow through and provide

them with what they are asking for. AtlasBizNow will keep your

subscribers engaged with relevant content.

An obvious benefit to setting up our customized email newsletter

campaign is that it will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

365.25 days a year. You can be absent for a few days and still have

something that is marketing for your business all the time.

Whether you sell products or services, our newsletter campaign is

great at generating sales. According to Exact Target, 50% of online

users bought something as a result of an email. To me, that is one of

the most important benefits of our customized email newsletter for a

business since the ultimate goal is sales.

I have Great News for you!

A simple solution! AtlasBizNow gives your business a FREE


-We will qualify your business and discuss a solution

strategy to target your customers’ loyalty.

-We will also design a customized business logo if you don’t have

one or dislike your current.

-We can improve your current website or design one from scratch.


As I said before, I have a valuable tip on how to turn your lazy

website into a diligent member of your business.

By adding a “capture page” to your lazy website, it will invite every

visitor to join your business newsletter prepared by AtlasBizNow

and approved by you. Visitors can choose to bypass this offer.


Every visitor that accepts will be added to your companies growing

newsletter list.

This list can grow to hundreds, thousands or more of loyal customers

that will respond to your requests.

Every time you want to put your list to use, we simply prepare a

campaign providing a discount, a coupon or “today only” offer.

AtlasBizNow then BLASTS your special offer to your loyal customers.

Voila - Presto - Bingo Bango

You have just made thousands aware of your special offer verses

hoping for thousands to consider visiting you that day.




Thank You,

Angel Delerme

Chief Marketing Officer
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