Price List and Purchasing

Price List and Purchasing

Here is a list of services and prices that Atlas Biz Now offers...

Custom Logo Design/Re-Create - $50 
(Includes a banner design and consultation services) 

Custom Business Card 1000ct - $100 + $10 shipping 

(Full Color, Front and back)

Full Color Flyers - 4x6, 5x7, Full Page Flyers and More Options in Sizes. Just Call and Ask !!!
 4x6 ( 250 - $75 / 500 - $150 / 1000 - $250 / 2500 - $500 ) Double Sided Gloss or Matte

Business T-shirts and Polos - NO Shirt Minimum Screen Print or Embroidery 
(priced according to request)

Stickers of Your Business Logo - Ask about this great feature. $50 - $75

Stick your business logo with phone number and website everywhere !!!

Website Design - Between $500 and $1500 
(includes domain ownership, hosting, and $10 updating) 

*Email Newsletter Marketing - $50 a month 

(*this is the residual business gold that keeps your business on the mind of your customers month after month. )

*Phone Consultation - $10 Per Half Hour Session 

(Serious round table discussions that brainstorm and develop ideas that can be thought out then executed with confidence.)

The Only Limit To Your Business Success Is Your Imagination.

*Three Page Website, 1000 Custom Business Cards and Custom Logo - $1,200 - (3 Piece Suit)

**All services provided are mix and match according to your business needs.

AtlasBizNow specializes in custom logo designs. Your business has a logo that it does not like? We can improve it. 

We shape the look and feel of your business branding around your niche and logo design. 

Your logo is seen on your business cards, shirts, stickers and website establishing your business presence. 

We also create 4x6, 5x7, full page flyers and more.

Our vision for your business is to be seen and recognized by all through consistent online and offline marketing that gets you noticed.
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